The Bullseyes is all about two rocking guys that just wanna have fun. Their idea of “fun” being recording highly addicting tunes smuggled together with some wit packed exaggerated lyrics coming mostly from some sort of behavioral observation and making awkward music videos.

They emerged in 2017, friends since elementary school, living in small town (Leszno) in the west of Poland. Came up with the idea of playing together in early 2012. Their rough but thoughtful approach to music needed few solid years until it was ready to face the world. Combining minimalist and garage-y sound with hit-single structure became a blissful experience for musicians who have earlier tried to find themselves shredding some prog-metal solos (Darek) and making fat EDM beats (Matt). They marked their creation with a symbol (“Bullseye”) about which Matt read in a psychology textbook that “it draws newborn’s attention more than the face of its own mother”.

Up to date, The Bullseyes released 7 singles. Neurotic “Love’s Blow”, nostalgic “Regular Sky”, intrusive “Butterfly”, paranoidly energetic “Yet There’s You”, naively optimistic “Restless Mind”, love-skeptical “Can’t Believer” and the newest one, furiously stompy “It Might Not Be For Me”. Additionally, you can also listen to their radio show recorded in Polish Radio Afera (Live! in Radio Afera)
Their music is constantly being featured among domestic and outbound radios. Their video for “Yet There’s You” was at the time one of the most upvoted video on Reddit’s r/listentothis subreddit – devoted to music discoveries. They were chosen as the finalists of the Firestone’s Headliners of Tomorrow 2019 competition, played for Sofar Sounds Warsaw, featured in Spotify’s editorial playlists (“Polish Rock Only”, “Summer Power” and “New Music Friday”).

The duo draws inspirations from the beginnings of British Invasion, craziness of The Cramps, riffs of Black Sabbath, minimalism of The White Stripes and catchiness of the late Black Keys. The Bullseyes videos clearly show their kind but awkward sense of humor for which major inspiration was the doings of the great “Flight of the Conchords”.
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